My Mother in the Beyond: An Eternal Echo of Love and Guidance - Quote in pics  

My Mother in the Beyond: An Eternal Echo of Love and Guidance


My Mother in the Beyond: An Eternal Echo of Love and Guidance

My mother was a wellspring of joy, peace, and hope. Even though I can no longer hear her voice or laughter, I know she continues to speak to me and smile from her soul. She is my inspiration, my motivation, and my happiness. I always miss my mother; she is my eternity, the one who accompanies me in every moment.
© Shoshan

Explore the deep emotional landscape of everlasting love and the unbreakable bond with a mother who has passed away. Though she may no longer be with us in the physical realm, her spirit and life lessons continue to offer comfort and guide us through every moment. This space is a tribute to all mothers who, even in their absence, remain a source of joy, peace, and hope. #MomInHeaven #EternalMemories #LoveBeyondLife #MyMotherMyAngel #TributeToMom

Letter to my mother in the beyond

Dear Mom,

Today I feel a bit empty, and I want to tell you why. It's been a while since you left, but every day I realize how much I miss you. You were my endless source of joy, my beacon in the darkest moments, and my haven of peace in this chaotic world.

Even though I can't hear your voice calling me or your laughter filling the room, I know you're here, somewhere, smiling at me from your soul. That thought gives me some comfort, but it also hurts to know that I can't have you here, in body and soul.

You inspired me to be who I am today. Every action I take, every decision I make, I make them thinking about what you would do, what you would say. You are my constant motivation to strive and be better. And although I miss you at every moment, every second of the day, I also know that you accompany me with every step I take.

My world has become a little dimmer without you, Mom. Though I'm surrounded by people and love, there will always be an empty space in my life that only you could fill. You are my eternity, my constant, the one who is always with me even though I can't see you.

I write this letter as a small tribute to you, but I know that no paper or words can fully capture what you mean to me. I just want you to know that I miss you and that I love you, now and always.

With all my love,

© Shoshan, 11/01/2023

Poem to my mother who is in heaven


In the silence of the night, I hear your voice,
like a whisper speaking to me from some hidden place.
Your joy follows me, in every tune and every choice,
and in my dreams, it's you I see, my saving grace.

Though your laughter's gone, your spirit guides me still,
you're my lighthouse in the storm, my daytime star.
In every glance at the sky, it's you that fills the quill,
an eternal echo of love, that stays no matter how far.

Your absence weighs like a stone, but also lifts me high,
it both grounds and elevates, in a reality that's askew.
You're my eternity, in every tear and every sigh,
my inspiration, my drive, even when life gives me few.

Here I miss you, Mom, in this timeless space,
and I know that in each moment, you're with me in my race.
Though not in body, in my soul, your presence I embrace,
my eternity, my everything, my starting and my final base.

© Shoshan

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