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Origins of Quote in pics:

Quote in pics is a child site of Cosas Para Mi Muro, which you might as well consider the Spanish version of this very own website. A long-time popular image sharing site in the Spanish speaking internet community. Although not exclusively target to women, most of our audience is female.


International poet, with roots in Chile, Germany, and Spain. For more than two decades she managed a Spanish-language site of love letters and postcards, with more than 5 million unique visitors a month. She is now a writer and editor of an online women's magazine, as well as continuing to write poetry, letters and producing the images you see here.

A very personal style:

Our images try to stand out by moving away from the normal and everyday. Our images generally contain positive, constructive texts and messages that bring something good to those who read and receive them. We do not seek to become a memes site, but a site with a wide gallery of inspiring, motivating images that cause smiles, joy, spiritual and emotional growth.

Language learning:

We also offer, in most of the images, a link to a Spanish version of the image. If you are learning Spanish, you can click on the button below the image that will take you to see the Spanish version. Practice your Spanish in this entertaining way. Likewise, if your main language is Spanish, you can practice your English with the images on this same site, moving between the images in different languages, Spanish and English.

[Edit: To be continued…]

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