Better than diamonds, roses or chocolate - Quote in pics  

Better than diamonds, roses or chocolate


There is nothing more enjoyable than knowing that you are being heard, that you matter, that what you say is important to someone.

“The most desired gift of love
is not diamonds or roses or chocolate.
It’s focused attention.”
– Richard Warren


No one would deny a diamond,
maybe not even roses or chocolate,
at least not if they think
they can eat secretly eat it...

But although there are material things
that we could surely desire
and we would very much enjoy,
what we really need is to be listened to,
to be proven that we are important,
at least important to someone,
to the one who we love
and who loves us back.

It is special to feel in such a way
that you know you are listened to,
that you feel supported,
that even if there are no offers for solutions
and they don't know what to tell you...
you are at least listened to,
you are being dedicated time,
and that you do matter.


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