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 "Dignity is not something that anyone can give you or take away. You've had it since the moment you were born. Don't let anyone make you feel less." © Shoshan Kitten: Merry Christmas! Pride is like fire, it can also burn and consume us Those who take advantage of your kindness don't deserve your energy, your time, or a spot in your heart. Let's make our tears not the end of our story, but the beginning of our reconciliation - Shoshan Halloween, I'm staying home tonight! During this Christmas season, beyond the celebrations, I hope you find time for yourself and what truly makes you happy Better than diamonds, roses or chocolate Envy blinds us with others' shadows, dimming the light of our own achievements. Be authentically you, not the carbon copy they're looking for. Image with message to dedicate to a beloved son However narrow it may be, a path is still a path