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Terms and Conditions

Prior to the use of any service or content offered in Quote in pics, hereinafter quoteinpics, this document should be read completely and carefully. 
These General Conditions constitute the rules and regulations set forth by Quoteinpics, relating to all services currently existing or that are included in the future within the quoteinpics.com site (the Site). These services, although they may be free, are not free to use, but are subject to a set of guidelines that regulate their use. The use that an individual makes of the services included in the Site, will only be considered lawful and authorized when it is in compliance with the obligations imposed, with the limits and scope outlined here, as well as those arising from complementary or accessory provisions, and / or of the different legal regulations of national and international order whose application corresponds.

Quoteinpics may at any time and without prior notice modify these General Conditions. Such modifications will be operative from their fixation on the site quoteinpics.com. Users must keep updated on the terms included here by periodically entering the legal section of Quoteinpics.

1. Acceptance by Users

Quoteinpics reserves the right to require that each user, accept and comply with the terms expressed herein as a prior and necessary condition for access, and use of the services and / or content provided by the Site.

When a user accesses the Site and uses any of the existing services and / or contents, he will presume the knowledge of this text and that he has expressed his full acceptance with respect to each and every one of the provisions that comprise it.

The user who does not accept, disagree, or incur in breach of the provisions set by the Quoteinpics in these General Conditions, will not be authorized to use the services and content that exist or may exist on the Site, and must be withdrawn of the Site immediately, and refrain from entering it again.

2. Legal capacity of users

They may only access and use the services and / or contents of Quoteinpics, who, in accordance with the legislation in force at their place of residence, may validly issue their consent for the conclusion of contracts. Those who, in accordance with current legislation, do not possess such capacity to access or validly obey the terms and conditions established herein, must obtain inexcusable prior authorization from their legal representatives, who will be held liable for all acts performed by the incapacitated persons in their charge.

In the case of lack of capacity by minority, the responsibility in the determination of the services and contents accessed by minors corresponds to the elders in whose charge they are, however in no case will access to the site by children under 14 years of age.

3. User Registration

To use the services provided in Quoteinpics, just the acceptance of these General Conditions is sufficient. However, for the use of some services or access to certain content, the prior registration of the user may be established as a requirement. The purpose of said registration will be to establish the identity and contact information of the user.

Whenever for the registration of a user information is required, it must be reliable, and will have the character of a sworn statement.When the information provided does not meet the real circumstances of the person who provides it, such user will be considered to be in breach of these General Conditions, being liable for all damages arising for Quoteinpics or third parties as a result of such lack of veracity or accuracy.

The user will have, once registered, a username and password that will allow personalized, confidential and secure access to their personal account within the Site. The services subject to registration have been designed for the personal use of the requesting user, therefore the username and password granted by Quoteinpics can only be used by the user, being prohibited by another person other than the same. The registered user will assume the obligation of custody and custody of his username and password, and must immediately inform Quoteinpics when they have lost their confidentiality status, and / or when they are used by a third party.

It will also be the responsibility of each user to keep their personal information updated in the registry as necessary, and must notify Quoteinpics whenever there are changes in relation to it.

Quoteinpics may reject any registration request or cancel a previously accepted registration, without such decision being justified, and without generating any rights for the benefit of the User.

Quoteinpics will use the information provided by the user exclusively for the purpose, and at all times will ensure the reasonable protection of the privacy and confidentiality of the user's quoteinpicsunications, but be aware that Quoteinpics makes use of technological systems that under certain conditions may be fallible , users are informed that Quoteinpics does not guarantee the inviolability of their systems, which is why users should take this circumstance into consideration when deciding to register.

In all cases, and in accordance with the Privacy Policy maintained by Quoteinpics, the personal information provided by the Users will be subject to adequate treatment and preservation, in safeguard of its privacy. However, Quoteinpics services were designed among other purposes to allow users to access certain (non-sensitive) data of other users allowing interaction between them within a social network scheme. Therefore, by delivering any personal information other than your name, the user disclaims any expectation of privacy that he has regarding the use of that personal information provided within the site. Users who do not wish that their photograph or image, website, messenger, city of residence, nationality, or personal description entered on the Site, can be provided to the public should not register with Quoteinpics.

4. Notifications and quoteinpicsunications

For the purposes that users can contact Quoteinpics, quoteinpicsunications addressed through the complaint and report form on the individual pages of each image will be considered valid.

Notifications and quoteinpicsunications sent by Quoteinpics shall be considered effective and fully valid. Likewise, quoteinpicsunications that consist of notices and messages inserted on the site, or that are sent during the provision of a service, that are intended to inform users about certain circumstances will be considered effective.

5. Free access to the Services

Beyond the obligation to comply with each and every one of these General Conditions, all services and content offered on the Site are freely accessible by users. Free accessibility includes free services, which will not be subject to the payment of any fees or remuneration to Quoteinpics.

Such gratuity does not apply to the services of third parties provided through the site that may not be free, and in the same sense those services and / or contents, current or future on which Quoteinpics decides to establish a fee for its use by the users.

Free access and free do not include Internet connection facilities. In no case Quoteinpics, will provide users with the necessary connectivity for them to access the Internet. The provision of the technical means necessary to access the Internet will be the sole responsibility, responsibility and responsibility of each user.

6. Of the services and contents in particular

Quoteinpics is an Internet site based on a quoteinpicsunication tool, which allows users to be contacted so that they share opinions, quoteinpicsents, and in general any type of information that is of interest to them. The objective of Quoteinpics is the creation of a field of quoteinpicsunication and entertainment as wide as possible, aimed at the Internet public in general.

6.1. Of the post

The main service that Quoteinpics makes available to users is the possibility of knowing the manifestations expressed by other users, published on the Site in the form of image messages with description, which we will call “posts”. In accordance with the provisions of point 3.

Of the General Conditions, to obtain access for the visualization and reading of the post only the acceptance of them is enough;However, the creation and posting of a post, as well as access to certain posts as well as certain features, will only be reserved for registered users.

Creation and fixation

Those who register with Quoteinpics will be able to publish their posts freely, for this purpose Quoteinpics makes available to registered users a tool for creating and editing their posts, along with the necessary means for their storage and display within the Site.

Post Content

The posts that users incorporate can only contain text. When the user intends to insert in his post photographs, images, illustrations, videos, animations, or reference to files or sites outside Quoteinpics, he can only do so through links, by indicating the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) where The file you intend to associate with your post is hosted.

Quoteinpics informs users and third parties in general that the files associated with a post are not part of it and are not reproduced on any system or platform of the Site. Quoteinpics will only proceed to publish the URL of the associated file, and in certain cases an embedded link may be made that allows viewing of the link within the Site. Consequently, in no case may users transfer files to the site in order that they be incorporated into their posts, or in general upload or upload to the Site itself, so that those files (or a copy of they) become resident in the Quoteinpics servers. Similarly there are no files on the site intended for download by users.

Quoteinpics is a site dedicated to quoteinpicsunication between people, through a social network structure.

Quoteinpics DOES NOT ACT AS A tracker. 
Quoteinpics DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A P2P NETWORK (peer to peer).

About the links incorporated in the posts

A link within a web page (also called link, link, hyperlink or, hyperlink) is an element that refers to another resource, for example, another page or website. 
Thus the links to various files that users incorporate in the post published in Quoteinpics allow to invoke a specific web page, or a specific position on a web page, but in all cases the links will always refer to web pages owned by third parties and outside the control of Quoteinpics.

The links are simple links that directs towards certain information or activate certain contents, but that in no case constitute reproductions of the contents to which it links.

Aspects to consider about the incorporation of links:

One of the main economic rights of an author is that of reproduction of his work, this right confers the power to prohibit reproductions of his work without prior and express authorization. A link does not violate the right of reproduction, the URL addresses, are mere facts that are not protected by copyright because it does not imply making a copy of a work. However, when the author or the owner of the rights to a work has not published it, no one without its authorization could lawfully do so, therefore THE USERS CAN ONLY ASSOCIATE THEIR POSTS, LINKS THAT REFER TO WORKS THAT HAVE BEEN LICTLY PUBLISHED IN INTERNET BY ITS HOLDER.

Rate posts:

This functionality consists in the possibility that registered users have after overcoming the “novice” stage, of carrying out a weighting or rating on posts set by other users

The rating that each post receives will be displayed on it, and the set of ratings received by a user based on their posts will establish the total score of the user, in this way the user can know the general opinion of the other users expressed through of the qualification of which their posts were deserving.

6.2. From the quoteinpicsents

Another of the services provided by Quoteinpics, reserved only to registered users, is the possibility of incorporating quoteinpicsents in the form of messages about another user's post, in such a way that it allows an exchange of opinions or contributions on the post that is coming to quoteinpicsent.

6.3. Of the contact between users

Additionally, Quoteinpics offers users the possibility of knowing and establishing direct quoteinpicsunication with other users, establishing a contact system through chat sessions, or through the information provided by them to be incorporated into their profile.

6.4. quoteinpicson provisions

a) As detailed in point 7; All users will be exclusively responsible for the posts and quoteinpicsents they post.

b) The preceding enumeration is for the sole purpose of enunciation and not taxation. Quoteinpics may add, modify, delete all or part of the services and contents, without requiring conformity or prior notification of any kind. Unless otherwise stipulated, any new content or extension of the existing ones will be governed by these General Conditions.

7. Responsibilities, direction and control over services

7.1. Powers reserved

Quoteinpics reserves all powers of control and direction of the Site, in particular the services, contents and quoteinpicsunications within it. You can consequently Quoteinpics, introduce all the changes and modifications that you deem appropriate at your sole discretion, you can add, alter, replace or delete any of the services or contents at any time.

In particular Quoteinpics reserves the right to control, edit, partially or totally delete, any post or quoteinpicsent posted by a user. Said faculty rests in the management faculties that Quoteinpics possesses as owner of the Site, and its exercise will not be subject to justification or any cause, being in all cases said exercise reserved at the discretion and will of Quoteinpics. Notwithstanding the foregoing and for the sole purpose of serving as an orientation guide for users, Quoteinpics may establish a series of requoteinpicsendations on the accepted contents and those that are not related to the posts and quoteinpicsents. This guide will be accessible to users from the Site itself and will be mentioned as "protocol" or under some other similar designation.

7.2. Responsibilities in relation to the services provided:

Each user will be exclusively responsible for the manifestations that he pours or the actions that he carries out within the framework of the site. However, when Quoteinpics receives through its mechanism for receiving complaints, the manifestation of a person, who has unjustifiably suffered an impairment in any of their rights, will immediately take the necessary measures to avoid the continuation of the harmful situation , and will inform the competent authorities of the events of the case.

Without prejudice to these reserved powers, Quoteinpics in respect of the privacy and confidentiality of user quoteinpicsunications will not exercise direct legality control over the statements and / or actions taken by users. Consequently, it will not be responsible for the use contrary to the right that the users make of the contents and services, nor does it guarantee that the data provided by them, related to their identity are truthful and reliable.

Quoteinpics is a platform designed for the quoteinpicsunication and dissemination of information, the use of the Site made by a user, which implies an overflow or the smooth and flat violation of third party rights, especially those related to intellectual property, will make fully responsible to that user for the damages that such conduct will incur for third parties and / or Quoteinpics.

Quoteinpics or its members, will NOT be responsible in any way for the content of the statements, opinions, quoteinpicsents, and information in a post or quoteinpicsent.

8. Use of the services and content provided by the Site

Users must use the services, and access the contents of the site in accordance with the provisions established in these General Conditions ; with the legal system to which they are subject by reason of the place, of the persons, or of the matter in question, considered as a whole; and according to the behavior guidelines imposed by morals, good customs and due respect for the rights of third parties.

8.1. PROHIBITED USE of the services or contents

Any use of the services that it aims to, injure the rights of third parties, contravene the legal order or constitute an offensive practice to public modesty, will be considered as PROHIBITED USE of the services or contents, as it violates the purposes for which it was put available to users.

It will be considered as PROHIBITED USE, among others, the posting of posts, messages or quoteinpicsents, propagation, as well as the indication of links to web pages, that:

  • They are offensive to the personal rights of individuals, with special reference to the right to honor, dignity, privacy, not to be subject to discriminatory treatment, health, image, and free expression of ideas; with absolute independence from the legal body where such rights acquire recognition.
  • Infringe upon third-party intellectual property rights.
  • Own inappropriate content.
  • Its purpose is to violate the security, and normal operation of the Quoteinpics or third-party computer systems.
  • Induce, instigate or promote criminal, illicit, dysfunctional or morally reprehensible actions, or constitute a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • Incorporate some form of advertising or quoteinpicsercial purpose not allowed by Quoteinpics.
  • Its purpose is to collect information from third parties in order to send them advertising or propaganda of any type or species, without it being expressly requested.

8.2. Control measures

Without prejudice to the legal actions born at the head of Quoteinpics or third parties, when the use of the services, carried out by a user can be considered by Quoteinpics as a PROHIBITED USE, Quoteinpics will take the measures it deems appropriate at its sole discretion, being able suspend or prevent access to services or content to those users involved in the prohibited use thereof, and without prior quoteinpicsunication.

9. Aspects related to Intellectual Property

9.1. Third party content

In use of the services offered on the Site, the user may have access to content provided by other users or third parties. Quoteinpics makes its best efforts to control the material that is supplied to it, however, the user accepts that it may eventually be exposed to third-party content that is false, offensive, indecent or otherwise unacceptable. Under no circumstances may you hold Quoteinpics responsible for such circumstance.

9.2. Material owned by Quoteinpics

All existing material on the site, which does not correspond to a user or another third party, is the exclusive property of Quoteinpics. By way of example only, images, photographs, designs, graphics, sounds, data compilations, brands, names, titles, designations, distinctive signs, and all other material accessible through the site will be understood.

The ownership of the set or selection of links incorporated by users to the Site, will correspond to Quoteinpics as intellectual property, as a work of classification and compilation. This property is constituted not by the links or links considered individually, but by the selection of the set of links. In that order, users assign and irrevocably transfer to Quoteinpics all the rights that could correspond to them on the selection of links that each one of them had made individually.

Quoteinpics reserves all rights in the aforementioned material, does not assign or transfer in favor of the user any rights over its intellectual property or that of third parties. Consequently, its reproduction, distribution, and / or modification must be expressly authorized by Quoteinpics, under penalty of being considered an illegal activity in violation of the intellectual property rights of Quoteinpics.

The users of the site will only have authorization for the use of the material owned by Quoteinpics, when the purposes of such use are those specifically provided by Quoteinpics. 
For informational purposes, users and visitors of the site are informed that the rights relating to the intellectual property of Quoteinpics are protected internationally under the protection of the Berne Convention; the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) treaty on copyright, and other matching provisions; the TRIPs (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) agreement; which together ensure the full international validity of the rights of Quoteinpics.

10. Site operability

Corresponding to the free nature of the services provided, Quoteinpics does not guarantee the full operation of the site and access to its services and contents. In no case will Quoteinpics be responsible for the operability, efficiency and security of the services and contents made available to users.

Quoteinpics does not guarantee the preservation, integrity or indemnity of the posts, messages or quoteinpicsents posted by users.

11. LINKS to Quoteinpics

The establishment of any link, hyperlink or link, between a web page outside the site "https://quoteinpics.com" and any page of the latter may only be made with express authorization by Quoteinpics.

In no case will Quoteinpics be responsible for the contents or manifestations existing on the web pages from which hyperlinks to the Quoteinpics site are established. The fact that there is a link between a website and the Quoteinpics site does not imply that Quoteinpics is aware of it, or that Quoteinpics maintains any relationship with the owners of the website from which the link is established.

Quoteinpics reserves the right to request the removal or removal of any link from a web page outside the Site, at any time, without expression of cause, and without any prior notice. The person in charge of the web page from which the link will be made will have a period of 48 hours. counted from the Quoteinpics order to proceed with the removal or elimination of it.

12. LINKS from Quoteinpics

12.1. Links provided by Quoteinpics

The hyperlinks or links to third-party websites provided by Quoteinpics, are intended to improve the user's browsing experience through the Quoteinpics site, making available access channels to other sites.

12.2 Links provided by users

As expressed in point 6; Users may incorporate in their post links that they refer to different resources hosted outside the Site! The purpose of these links is to increase the quoteinpicsunication possibilities of users, thus allowing reference to any element found on the Internet.

12.3. Liability arising from links

In none of the cases mentioned above, does Quoteinpics control, support or guarantee the safety, quality, legality, truthfulness and suitability of the services and contents that are accessed through a hyperlink. The inclusion of the link does not mean that Quoteinpics is in any way related to the site to which the link directs, or that it supports, agrees, facilitates or collaborates in the activities that are developed in that site. 
The responsibility for the services or content on the linked sites will correspond exclusively to the owners of said sites. Under no circumstances will Quoteinpics be responsible for the irregularities, illicitness or infractions that are registered in said sites, not responding in this regard for the damages that users or third parties may experience from the contents published there. 
The access and use of web pages linked from the Quoteinpics site will be the sole responsibility of the user, who must take all necessary precautionary measures according to the type of service, or content accessed.

The user who considers a linked page from the Site inappropriate, may raise their complaint or requoteinpicsendation through the complaints mechanism made available to users by Quoteinpics.

13. Termination of the Service

Quoteinpics may at its sole discretion temporarily suspend or permanently deactivate a user's account, without prior notice to the user, and without invoking any cause whatsoever, proceeding in this case to the elimination of all information related to the account.

14. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

For all legal purposes in relation to the services and content provided or that may be provided on the Site, the legislation in force in the Republic of Chile will be applicable, and ordinary justice with jurisdiction in the City of Iquique will be competent.

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