I wish I could go back to my childhood - Quote in pics  

I wish I could go back to my childhood


I wish I could go back to my childhood

Make good use of time, but do it now, it's the moment you're living!

I wish I could
go back to my childhood...
but I can’t.

Someday I’ ll wish
I could go back to my current age,
and I won’t be able to do so.

Let’s make the most
of our precious time!


Let's make the most
of the time we have.

Time runs away,
so live, be happy, be happy,
smile, follow your dreams,
fight for what you want,
enjoy life, family, friends,
do what you want,
be good to others
and especially to yourself ...

Time runs,
time passes,
and we must take advantage
of every moment we have.

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