Count on those who can help you - Quote in pics  

Count on those who can help you



A little boy,
with great difficulty
and no success,
was trying to lift
a heavy stone.

His father,
observing his son’s failure,
‘Are you using
all your strength?’

― replied the boy impatiently.

‘No, you are not!’
―replied the father.

« I’m here waiting,
and you still haven’t
asked me to help you. »


That's pretty much how life is,
we are constantly living our lives
without counting on others,
when they would be more than willing
to help in and pitch in.
Sometimes we do not want
to cause trouble to others,
so we try to do things
all by ourselves.
But life is social,
you would do things for others,
why couldn’t they do them for you?


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