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Love is not a scale, it cannot be measured


Love is not a scale, it cannot be measured

"Love is not a scale, it cannot be measured. Love with all your heart without expecting anything in return, do it because you deserve to love like that, in a sincere and real way." © Shoshan

Love is not a balance to be weighed or measured. Love freely without expecting anything in return, because you deserve to love sincerely and genuinely. True love is not something that can be compared or quantified, it is a feeling that comes from the heart. Share your true love with others and cherish it always.

True love is not a balancing act,
nor is it a coin for us to transact.
It's given unconditionally, without demand,
and not by chance, but by our own command.

I deserve to love with all my heart,
without regard for reason, or being apart.
My love is honest, my love is real,
and doesn't rely on material appeal.

No payment or reward do I require,
for my love is not an investment that expires.
It's the only way to love that I know,
and what makes my heart overflow.

I share my love without any expectation,
because I deserve to love without hesitation.
It's a feeling that's pure and complete,
from the heart, it's never obsolete.

© Shoshan

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