The psychological abuse is a prison without bars, but with walls just as high. - Quote in pics  

The psychological abuse is a prison without bars, but with walls just as high.


The psychological abuse is a prison without bars, but with walls just as high.

"The psychological abuse is a prison without bars, but with walls just as high."
© Shoshan

Gender violence is a big problem that hurts many people, affecting both women and men, young and old. It's not just hitting or pushing; it's also saying mean things and making someone feel really bad inside. It's important that we all talk about this and do something to stop it. If you see someone being hurt or treated badly, it's important to help and tell someone. Together, we can make this stop and make sure everyone feels safe and respected. #StopGenderViolence

Poem of Liberation: Breaking the Chains of Psychological Abuse

In the shadows of a home, where laughter should reign,
Lies a prison without bars, but with walls of unequalled pain.
A silent world of cutting words, glares that scorch,
Where love wears a disguise, and hope barely alights.

I speak of a hidden abuse, silent and deep,
No visible bruises, yet the soul carries the world’s weight.
Each word a whip, each silence an abyss,
Where I fall, get lost, in a never-ending vicious cycle.

I live in a jail with no bars, but towering walls,
Where screams drown in a sea of invisible tears.
My jailer holds no keys, yet shackles my spirit,
With chains of fear, doubt, and cutting words.

But today, something in me awakens, a voice no longer silent,
Shouting from the depths of this shadowy abyss.
A voice crying for justice, seeking escape, breaking these chains,
A voice longing to be heard, no longer fearful, yearning for freedom.

I’ve seen the pain in those eyes, mine, reflections of an internal struggle,
Where each day is a battle, each night, a cold war.
Yet in this darkness, I’ve found my light, my strength,
The courage to face, to break walls, to start anew.

No more silence, no more fear,
It’s time to speak, to be heard, to heal.
For I am not alone, we are many, with similar stories,
United in our fight, strong in our vulnerability.

This is my cry for freedom, my declaration of independence,
Against psychological abuse, that barless yet suffocating prison.
Today, I raise my voice, for myself and for all who yet can’t,
For a tomorrow where being a woman is not synonymous with silent suffering.

Thus, with every word, every step, every tear, and every laugh,
I build a new path, a future of hope and love.
Where being a woman means being strong, being free, being myself,
In a world where respect and equality are not just a dream.

For psychological abuse is real, and its damage deep,
But our strength and courage are greater, capable of breaking any wall.
And in this fight, we are not alone; together we are an unstoppable ocean,
Of voices crying for justice, of hearts seeking a new dawn.

© Shoshan

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