To walk through life without love - Quote in pics  

To walk through life without love


To walk through life without love is like going into battle without music, like embarking on a journey without a book, like going through the sea without a guiding star. -Stendhal



Love, gentle force that gives us life,
A thing we cannot ignore,
For in it lies our happiness,
And without it, sorrows soar.

Without love, life becomes so cold,
And smile begins to fade away,
For it is love that makes us bold,
And gives us strength to face each day.

Love gives us meaning to our days,
Brings us the happiness we seek,
And shows us that life is a treasure trove,
That should be lived with courage, not meek.

So, love, we make a call to you,
To always be within our heart,
For you are the sun that lights our way,
And the air that breathes within each part.

© Shoshan


Love is the source of the light that illuminates our path in life, providing us with a sense of purpose, happiness, and connection with others. It is love that gives us the strength to overcome challenges and the motivation to keep moving forward, and it is love that brings us the joy and happiness we seek. Living full of love is living a full life, surrounded by meaningful relationships and unforgettable moments, and that is why love is essential in life. Every day becomes an adventure filled with excitement and hope, and every new dawn is an opportunity to continue loving and being loved. Love is the foundation of a rich and fulfilling life, and that is why it is so incredibly exciting!

© Shoshan

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