Trying to get out of the head what comes from the heart - Quote in pics  

Trying to get out of the head what comes from the heart


I like people who are able to understand that the greatest human error is trying to get out of the head what comes from the heart. - Mario Benedetti


Our hearts hold memories we can't erase,
Though we try to move on, they persist with grace.
The love we once felt, the pain we endure,
Refused to be forgotten, forever pure.

We drown in the past, the wounds still raw,
Trying to heal, but the scars never withdraw.
We build walls around, pretending to be strong,
But the ghosts of the past keep playing the song.

We try to find solace, a new love to mend,
But the old love lingers, refusing to end.
It haunts us at night, it shadows our day,
A reminder of what once was, but now far away.

We hope for a cure, a way to forget,
But the heart's not a book, it can't just reset.
It refuses to yield, to let go of the past,
Holding tight to the love, that forever will last.

So we learn to accept, to live with the pain,
Embracing the memories, to love once again.
For it's better to feel, to have loved and lost,
Than to have never loved, at what cost?

Our hearts may refuse, but it's for a reason,
To cherish the love, in all its seasons.
So hold on tight, to the memories we keep,
For they are a part of us, in sleep and in wake.

© Shoshan

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