Dad, you are the North Star that has always guided me - Quote in pics  

Dad, you are the North Star that has always guided me


"Dad, you are the North Star that has always guided me home. I love you more than words can say." © Shoshan

Dad, you are the North Star that shines so bright,
Guiding me home through the darkest of night,
Your love is my compass, my guiding light,
You've always been there, my shining knight.

Through good and bad, you've been my steady hand,
Teaching me to stand tall, to take a stand,
You've shown me the way, to always be kind,
And to keep an open heart and open mind.

You've inspired me to be the best I can be,
To chase my dreams and to live life free,
Your wisdom and guidance have led me through,
To become the person I am today, true.

Whenever I stumble or lose my way,
You're there to lift me up and to show me the way,
Your love is a beacon that never fades,
And through the storms of life, it always stays.

Dad, you're my hero, my role model, my guide,
I'm so grateful for you and all that you provide,
Your love is a gift that I treasure each day,
And I cherish every moment that we share along the way.

I love you more than words can express,
You're the one I turn to when I'm in distress,
Your kindness and compassion are truly rare,
And you always show me how much you care.

Dad, you are the North Star that guides me home,
And I'll always be grateful for the love you've shown,
You've taught me so much, and I'll always be proud,
To call you my father, and say it loud!

© Shoshan

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