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What to say if anyone asks you about your past together


What to say if anyone asks you about your past together

"If anyone wonders about what we were, tell them we lived in a whirlwind of passion, driven by dreams too vast to hold. Yet, in the whisper of time, we disappeared, leaving a story filled with dreams we left untold."
© Shosha

Fleeting Flames: Memories of a Love Unfulfilled

Once, loving felt like catching fire. Every day was full of potential adventures, dreams laid out in front of us like a never-ending road. We chased the horizon, always reaching for what seemed just out of touch. It was a time filled with deep desires and yearnings that ached in our chests.

But flames that burn too bright tend to burn out just as quickly. Our intense passion slowly turned to ash, leaving behind a void where love once lived. We didn't have a dramatic goodbye; we simply drifted apart, like a song that fades from memory.

Looking back, our love was like a shooting star: brilliant, short-lived, and destined to disappear. We got lost in a dream that eventually swallowed us whole, leaving behind only the memory of what we hoped to achieve. It

hurts to say it, but some stories just don't get their proper ending. Ours was one of them.

Despite the pain, I wouldn't change a thing. In those moments of chaos, I've never felt more alive. Now, what's left are the echoes of those times, treasures I keep close because they remind me our love, however brief, was genuine. In the quiet of what's gone, I found my own voice, realizing that an ending doesn't take away from the beauty of our shared moments.

I keep moving, carrying a heart heavy with memories and clinging to a hope that maybe, in another life, we'll see our story through to the end. For now, I cherish the lessons and the sweet intensity of loving fully, even when it wasn't meant to last forever.

© Shoshan

Echoes of Lost Love

In the quiet of the night,
where stars whisper secrets,
I find myself talking to your shadow,
reminiscing about what we were—
a fleeting dream under the full moon.

We were fire,
blazing with desire,
lighting up the sky with our passion,
but like all fires,
we burned out, leaving nothing behind.

Now, only ashes remain,
a silent testament to our love,
and in the silence of my room,
where your laughter used to dance,
only the echo of your goodbye lingers.

I search for you in the shadows,
hoping for a spark of that old love,
but I find only emptiness,
a black hole where your heart used to be.

And here I am,
a shadow of who I was with you,
learning to live with the ghost
of a love that was everything,
yet at the same time, nothing.

With every heartbeat,
my heart whispers your name,
a prayer to the wind,
hoping that someday,
in another time, in another place,
our love might find its happy ending.

But until then,
I live in yesterday,
clinging to memories,
like the last breath
of a love that faded
too soon.

© Shoshan

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