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Seeking refuge in God's understanding heart


"When we feel misunderstood, let us seek refuge in the heart of God, for He knows our souls and understands our struggles." © Shoshan

In the moments when we feel most misunderstood, it is crucial to remember that we are never truly alone. Let us seek solace in the heart of God, for He is our eternal sanctuary and source of understanding. He knows our souls intimately and comprehends our struggles, even when the world around us seems to have turned a blind eye. As we lean into His embrace, we find unwavering love, acceptance, and the reassurance that we are valued and cherished beyond measure. In God's presence, we are reminded that our worth is not determined by the opinions of others, but by the infinite love of our Creator. So, when misunderstood, let us turn to God, and find in Him the understanding, comfort, and strength we need to continue our journey.

In moments when I feel misunderstood,
I turn to God, knowing He is good.
His heart, a refuge, pure and kind,
a place of solace, peace I find.

He knows my soul, my struggles deep,
his understanding love, mine to keep.
I lean into His warm embrace,
finding comfort, acceptance, and grace.

My worth, not measured by others' views,
but by His infinite love that renews.
When lost and feeling all alone,
in God's arms, my heart finds home.

With every verse, a rhyme of hope,
his presence guides, helps me to cope.
In God's heart, I find my place,
a sanctuary bathed in love and grace.

© Shoshan

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"When we feel misunderstood, let us seek refuge in the heart of God, for He knows our souls and understands our struggles." © Shoshan

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