In every glance, stories are woven that words can never tell - Quote in pics  

In every glance, stories are woven that words can never tell


In every glance, stories are woven that words can never tell

"In every glance, stories are woven that words can never tell."
© Shoshan

In the depth of a glance, we find a universe of untold stories, where the heart speaks without words.

When We Look into Each Other's Eyes

Have you ever thought about how special it is to look someone in the eyes? I'm not talking about a quick glance, but those moments when you really stop and look. In those seconds, it feels like the world pauses a bit, doesn't it?

Each person has their own story, and sometimes, if we look closely, we can guess a bit of that story in their eyes. No words are needed; just by looking, we feel a lot. Maybe you see joy, sadness, a bit of tiredness, or a spark of hope. The amazing thing is that, when we look this way, we suddenly feel closer, more connected.

It's curious how something so simple can make us feel so united. In a world where we're always running around, where we talk more through messages than face-to-face, taking the time to look someone in the eyes is like taking a deep breath. It reminds us that we're not alone, that there are other people who, like us, have their struggles and joys.

Next time you're talking to someone, try this: look into their eyes a little longer. It's not easy, I know, but you'll see how it changes the conversation. In those eyes, you'll find stories, emotions, a whole world. And in that moment, you'll feel something very special: a real connection, wordless, but full of meaning.

In the eyes of others, sometimes we see ourselves reflected. We discover that, even though we are different, we share many things at heart. So, look into the eyes, find those untold stories, feel that connection. In those small moments, we find something big: a little piece of what it means to be human.

© Shoshan, 11/12/2023

Poem: The stories behind the gaze of two eyes

In the gaze, a universe lies hidden,
beyond words, a deep sea,
where eyes are lighthouses, shining in the world,
unveiling secrets, without making a sound.

I long to see beyond what is spoken,
to sail the depths of your gaze,
to discover in your eyes, that place,
where souls speak, without pretense.

In the silent dance of two looks,
stories are told, without letters, without words,
in that sparkle, a language without barriers,
that tells more than what speech clarifies.

Your eyes, mirrors of the naked soul,
reflect truths, raw emotions,
in them I seek, with yearning and calm,
the pure essence, your being, your soul.

To look deeply, beyond the veil,
to uncover what you hide, your beautiful mystery,
in that connection, without noise, without haste,
we find what is genuine, eternally pure.

Let your eyes speak to me, tell me your story,
in that look, may I find glory,
to know what you are, beyond the discourse,
in the depth of your gaze, the universe.

© Shoshan

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