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I love this life: Life is a gift


I love this life: Life is a gift

Every day, a gift. Every laugh, a reason to say: 'I love this life!

Life is a gift, and I enjoy it with every breath.
Life is a journey, and I am delighted to travel through it.
Life is an adventure, and I am ready to live it to the fullest.
Life is a dream, and I am ready to fulfill it.
Life is a work of art, and I am the artist.
Life is a song, and I am the singer.
Life is a dance, and I am the dancer.
Life is a game, and I am the player.
Life is a miracle, and I am the fortunate one.
Life is beautiful, and I am the witness.
© Shoshan

I love this life: Discovering the Little Big Things

Every day I wake up thinking about something special: life is a gift. It's like every day is a present that I'm excited to open. Every breath, every smile, every little thing reminds me how beautiful it is to live.

For me, life is like a journey. A path full of new and exciting things. Every step I take is an adventure. You know that thing about dreaming big? That's how I see life, like a big dream I want to make come true.

I picture myself as the painter of my life. Everything I do is like a brushstroke on a canvas. And this canvas is mine, unique and full of colors.

Sometimes, I think life is like a song. And I'm the one who sings it. Every day has its own music, sometimes happy, sometimes calm. But it's always my music, the melody of my life.

Like a dance, that's how I live each day. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always enjoying the movement. Life is rhythm, and I move to its beat.

And you know what else? Life is like a game. Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn, but I always play. Every day is a new round, a new chance to play and have fun.

I think of life as a miracle. Yes, a miracle. Every little thing, every happy moment, every surprise, reminds me how lucky I am.

And most importantly: life is beautiful, I love this life. Sometimes you just need to look around to see it. A friend's smile, the blue sky, a flower in the park. All those simple, yet beautiful things.

So, I say to you, reading this: life is a gift. Enjoy it, live it, love it. You don't need big things to be happy. It's the little things that make life worth living. Life loves me, and I hope it loves you too.

© Shoshan

Charm of Living: I love this life

With each dawn, a new sun greets me,
and in its light, I find reasons to smile.
This life, with its colors and shades,
wraps me in an endless joyous embrace.

In the faces that cross my path,
I see stories whispered by the wind.
Each shared laugh, each escaped tear,
are pearls in the necklace of my journey.

Trees dance to the rhythm of the breeze,
and flowers giggle under the blue sky.
This life I adore, it's a song of the earth,
a melody rising in a gentle, sweet whisper.

The dreams I weave under starry nights,
turn into realities at daybreak.
This life, with its challenges and gifts,
teaches me that each day is a new lesson.

Friends, like beacons in my sea of doubts,
light up my steps with wisdom and love.
This life, with its hellos and goodbyes,
is a journey where each season has its hue.

And in the mirror of calm waters,
I see the beauty of my being reflected.
This life, with its mirrors and truths,
shows me the simplest things are the most beautiful to hold.

Thus, with each sunrise and sunset,
I celebrate the gift of living.
This life I adore, with its magic and mysteries,
and in its dance, joyfully, I let myself go.

© Shoshan

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