Happy birthday & keep on going! - Quote in pics  

Happy birthday & keep on going!


Happy birthday & keep on going!

Happy birthday, I have no doubt that you will fulfill your dreams. I hope this day will be very happy and motivating for you.


Keep on going;
never give up,
don't stop doing
what you're good at.

You have all you need
to make your dreams come true.
You're almost there.
I wish you a happy birthday!


A new year for you,
life is rushing by,
but you are doing something
meaningful with your time.

The days fly by,
the years come and go,
but I see that you see things clearly.

So, I want to encourage you:
fight for what you believe in,
keep striving,
keep pushing yourself
as you have been doing,
don't stop doing it...
because I believe in you
and I know that you will achieve
those dreams you have.

Happy birthday to you.

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