Our love is our greatest treasure, Merry Christmas! - Quote in pics  

Our love is our greatest treasure, Merry Christmas!


Our love is our greatest treasure, Merry Christmas!

"I don't have riches to give you, but what I do have is a promise: to always be there for you, as your rock and faithful partner."
© Shoshan

In my personal world, where material things are scarce, my love for you is the most precious jewel. I love you, Merry Christmas.

"I might not be able to give you the stars or luxury, but what I can give is something more precious – my heart, loving you with every beat and finding its true purpose in you."
© shoshan

Christmas Letter in Love and Humility

My Dearest,

As the Christmas lights twinkle on the streets and everyone wraps themselves in the season's warmth, I find myself deep in thought about you and us. There's this lump in my throat, knowing there's so much I wish to give you, yet I fall short.

Sometimes, seeing what others can offer, you might wonder what we are doing here. The thought of you missing out on something more, something perhaps you deserve more than what I can offer, breaks my heart.

But let me share something from the deepest part of my soul. Although I can't shower you with expensive gifts or whisk you away to exotic places, what I offer you is something I believe to be more precious than all the world's treasures: my unconditional love. A love not measured in material things, but in shared moments, laughter, hugs, and knowing glances.

I promise to always be there for you. On the gray days, I'll be your shelter, and on the sunny ones, your shade. I offer you my loyalty, my shoulder to cry on, and my ears to listen to your dreams and fears. I promise to be patient, to learn from my mistakes, and to always have the humility to apologize when I'm wrong.

I want you to know that I give you all that I am and all that I have: my support, my love, my fidelity, and my commitment to make you happy in my own way, with everything I possess. And even though what I have may seem modest, I trust that it will be enough to build a future filled with love and happiness together. For what binds us is stronger than any material gift.

With all my love and heart,

Your love

© Shoshan, 12/17/2023

Poem of Enduring Love

Through life's journey, side by side, we've walked,
Where material things have never talked.
Your love, a beacon in my night,
A treasure far beyond any worldly sight.

With you, each day is a gift so rare,
You're the heart of my endless care.
Thank you for loving me, for your trust,
Together on this path, in love, we must.

I promise to be true till my final days,
Seeking ways to fill your life with praise.
Every effort made to see your smile,
For your happiness makes life worthwhile.

In your eyes, a universe to behold,
Glimpses of love that never grow old.
In their depth, beauty so profound,
In your gaze, paradise is found.

Together, we've built a love so real,
Beyond time, beyond the material's appeal.
My promise, my heart, my voice,
In this life, you're my only choice.

So in each new dawn's joyful light,
I find my love for you burning bright.
You're my joy, my peace, my song,
In this love, we truly belong.

© Shoshan

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