We are not just celebrating women on International Women's Day - Quote in pics  

We are not just celebrating women on International Women's Day


We are not just celebrating women on International Women's Day

"We are not just celebrating women on International Women's Day, we are celebrating the power of women to change the world." © Shoshan

On International Women's Day, we don't just celebrate women, we celebrate their power to create change, again and again. From fighting for equality to shattering glass ceilings, women have transformed the world with their unwavering feelings. © Shoshan

Women have the power to change the world,
their influence cannot be unfurled.
Their strength and wisdom carry far,
and shatter barriers wherever they are.

From homes to offices and beyond,
their determination knows no bounds.
Through the trials and the tears,
they rise above and conquer fears.

They march on with a fierce will,
and make the impossible feel still.
In their hands, the future lies,
as they break through with their battle cries.

They stand for what they know is right,
and never give up without a fight.
Their voices echo through the ages,
as they break free from society's cages.

Their hearts beat with a passion strong,
and their dreams guide them all along.
Their power lies in their unity,
as they inspire a new reality.

So here's to the women who changed the game,
who made their mark and earned their fame.
May their legacy forever live,
and inspire new generations to give.

© Shoshan

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