Santa Claus using WhatsApp to send Christmas greetings - Quote in pics  

Santa Claus using WhatsApp to send Christmas greetings


Christmas is coming, and it seems that no one sends letters and postcards by mail wishing Christmas greetings anymore? Are we losing a beautiful part of what Christmas is all about?

Dear Mrs. Claus,

I'm writing to you because I want to try something new. You know how the world is changing so much these days, and I think we need to keep up with the times if we're going to continue doing our job as Santa Claus' helpers.

Well, as you know, I've been working on Christmas Eve for many years now. And I have to say that it's not easy keeping up with all of these modern ways of communication like WhatsApp or email. We're just not used to them! It's hard enough getting used to the idea of social media in general—but at least when we were using snail mail, it was still something familiar!

So anyway, I want to try WhatsApp this year. Did you know that people no longer use snail mail? They use WhatsApp instead! It's really cool—and if we can figure out how it works, maybe we can finally get back in touch with some of our friends and family members who have moved away over the years. Plus, it would be great if Santa could find out what kids are asking for before they tell their parents so he can give them exactly what they want instead of just guessing!

I hope you'll agree with me

© Shoshan

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