Prayer to God for when problems and the economy overwhelm us. - Quote in pics  

Prayer to God for when problems and the economy overwhelm us.


Prayer to God for when problems and the economy overwhelm us.

✨ Trusting God to overcome all financial obstacles. Together in faith and hope! 🙌💰 #Trust #GodWithUs

Dear God, I find myself in the heart of a storm, feeling deeply overwhelmed. Life is tough, and I seem to lack everything, but I know You're there, amid my struggles. I'm not asking for riches, just the basic necessities to keep going and face my challenges. I trust in You and I'm grateful for Your unconditional love. In You, I find my hope and my faith. I need Your help! Amen.

© Shoshan

🕊 Wishing you peace and freedom from any financial problem. May God bless you abundantly. 🌱💰 #Peace #Blessings

Prayer Asking God for Help Amidst Financial Difficulties

Dear God, I find myself in the midst of this storm, feeling overwhelmed and fatigued without end. Life has been hard and unfair to me.

But I know that You are there, even in the midst of my chaos and suffering. I implore not just for help in keeping my faith, but also for a real and tangible intervention in my life.

I need Your guidance, Your light on my path to help me through this tough situation. I'm not asking for riches, just the essentials to keep going. I'm not asking for my problems to be taken away, but for an effective way to confront them.

My life is in Your hands. Despite the storm, I trust that You are working in my favor. Thank you for listening, for loving me despite my failures. In You, I find my hope and faith. Help me!


© Shoshan, 01-13-2024

📖 As the Bible says: 'And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus' 🙏💸 #Faith #GodsPromises

Pequeña oración pidiendo la ayuda de Dios

Dear God, we come to you in this time of need, seeking your guidance and assistance amidst our financial difficulties. We ask that you grant us wisdom to make the right decisions that will lead us to financial stability. Give us strength to persevere through these challenging times and faith to trust in your providence. In your mercy, provide for our needs and guide our steps on the path to prosperity and peace. Amen.

Poem of Faith in Times of Trial

In my pocket, an echo, my lord,
economic troubles burden me, undeterred.
I ask of you, in this cold,
help and guidance, in this mold.

I see no exit, in this maze,
despair, it seems, is my phase.
But I trust in your infinite grace,
give me strength and light, in this chase.

In your hands, I place my fate,
help me to stand straight.
With faith in you, I trust the dawn,
I know with your help, I can be reborn.


© Shoshan

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