I won't dim my light just so you can shine. - Quote in pics  

I won't dim my light just so you can shine.


"I won't dim my light just so you can shine." © Shoshan


It's astonishing how some people think that the only path to their own greatness is by making you feel small. I'm not talking about those healthy challenges that spur us on to better ourselves, but rather those sneaky, toxic tactics used to belittle you. Ladies, listen up: you don't have to dim your light so that someone else can feel like a star. Sound familiar? Perhaps you've encountered co-workers, friends, or even partners who operate under this dynamic. They try to diminish your confidence, your achievements, and your essence because they believe it will make their own light shine brighter.

We know that every woman is a force of nature, capable of shining brightly in a sky full of stars. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Those who try to dim your light, who feel threatened by your talent or beauty, simply haven't learned how to shine on their own. But here's the key: it's not your job to teach them how to do so at the expense of your own radiance. So keep shining, keep aspiring, keep being unapologetically you. You won't dim your light so another can shine brighter, because your light is exactly what the world needs to see.

In the night sky, we each have a place,
unafraid that others will dim our glow.
For each star that we are, let's embrace
being our best selves, and let the fear go.

Stop worrying about the rest,
their light shouldn't darken your day.
To those who try to make us feel less,
we'll say, "I won't fade away."

Shine for you, don't lose your essence,
in a world that often lacks light.
Your greatest revolution is your presence,
shining with love, clarity, and might.

© Shoshan

This quote in this image is dedicated to all the women who have ever felt the pressure to downplay their talent, their voice, or their presence to make others comfortable. To those who have faced situations where it seemed the only way to let someone else shine was by dimming their own light. Always remember: "I won't dim my light just so you can shine." © Shoshan Your light is unique and needed; you should never have to dim it.

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