Thanks mom, I love you! I can always count on you - Quote in pics  

Thanks mom, I love you! I can always count on you


Thanks mom, I love you! I can always count on you

I can always count on you,
in laughter and in tough times;
your love is my shelter,
o matter when or where.

Dear Mom,

Finding the right words to express what you mean to me can be challenging, but today, filled with deep love and gratitude, I attempt to capture in this letter what has long resonated in my heart.

From my earliest memories, you have been my guiding light, my unwavering support through every step I've taken. Your love has been my safest haven on stormy days and the cool breeze in times of calm. No matter the circumstance, you've always been there with a smile, ready to lift my spirits or share in my joy.

Mom, in you, I find wisdom and patience that teach me to face life with courage and hope. Your example has shown me how to stay strong and composed in the face of challenges, and your tenderness has taught me the importance of kindness and understanding towards others.

You are the echo of my laughter and the comfort in my sorrow. Every word of encouragement you've spoken, every gesture of love you've shown, has become the foundation upon which I build my daily life. The security you provide allows me to explore the world, knowing that, no matter what I find, your love is the beacon that will always guide me home.

I want you to know that every lesson you've taught me, every moment of support, every sacrifice you've made, is etched in my heart with endless gratitude. You are more than my mother; you are my best friend, my mentor, and my greatest supporter.

Today, I simply want to thank you for being such a wonderful mother, for every day you've dedicated to being the cornerstone of our family, for every night you've watched over my sleep. Thank you for your immense love, which has been and will always be my most cherished treasure.

With all the love I can give,
Your daughter.

© Shoshan, 05/02/2024

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