Do not compare your life with that of others - Quote in pics  

Do not compare your life with that of others


Do not compare your life with that of others

You are beautiful in your own way, stop comparing yourself to others.


Do not compare your life
with that of others.

There is no reasonable comparison
between the sun and the moon
because when the time arrives,
they both look bright.


We far too often end up
comparing ourselves to others.

We look at other people's qualities,
their special traits and characteristics.

We tend to criticize each other,
and as if we didn't have enough with it,
we even criticize ourselves.

We shouldn't do it,
instead, we should look
at the good things we have,
encourage one another,
without envy,
just accepting our differences
and enjoying it.

We are fantastic,
just as we are,
let's accept it!

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