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I just want you to love me!


I just want you to love me!

I just want you to love me!

“I would butcher the whole world... if you would only love me!”
-Commodus, in Gladiator


You deserve for me
to fight for you.

You deserve for me
to love you without
any strings attached.

You deserve, and in fact,
we both deserve so,
to be happy, to be loved.

Just love me
and you will see
that the world is
yours and mine.


For your love I would do anything,
I would try my best,
I would fight to the end of the world,
I would do the impossible...
I want your love,
because I value you,
because I believe in you,
I appreciate and admire you.

I would do anything to have your love,
and a million other things to keep it.
© Shoshan

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