Despite the distance, you are my one and only love - Quote in pics  

Despite the distance, you are my one and only love


My love, we are far away you and me... but our love is unique, special and absolutely authentic.

Despite the distance,
you are my one and only love.

This is a special love,
one that is lived from afar,
yet patient and strong.

I hope the magic
between you and me
will never be lost,
because we have
forged dreams together,
pieces of life
that we have devoted to each other,
while always being patient enough
to wait for whatever it may require.

Despite the distance,
you are my one and only love,
my one and only,

© Shoshan


These words are for you, my love.
You are my hope,
you are who I long for,
you are my dream.

You are the one
who I fight every day,
as I don't allow myself
to collapse being so apart from you.

I try my best to remain strong,
so that one day I can see you at last.

I love you my love,
I hope we can soon be together,
I want to see you as soon as possible,
to embrace you at last,
to wake up one day
and find you within my loving arms.


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