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Enjoy the little things in life


Enjoy the little things in life

There are moments like now, in confinement, when I look back and value more the little things in life. https://quoteinpics.com

Enjoy the little things in life,
because one day you may look back
and realize that they were
the most important ones.


We take so much for granted in this life,
that we don't give it the importance
it should really have in life.

There is much that we do not appreciate,
because we experience it every day,
because we see it as normal,
or because we have always enjoyed it.

Small things, small deeds,
things that do not seem important,
things so simple that it is almost
unthinkable to mention,
because that is how we are as people,
who do not appreciate things
until we have lost them.

Enjoy what you have,
live every moment of it,
share time with your family,
friends and partner,
enjoy the little things,
and don't focus so much
on the big things
as if they were necessary
for achieving happiness.

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