Don't give up... because you were not born to give up - Quote in pics  

Don't give up... because you were not born to give up


Don't give up, I know you and I know very well that you were not born to give up, so don't even dare to consider it.

Don't give up...
because you were not born to give up,
you'll soon see a little light facing your troubles,
don't lose your faith, keep believing in yourself,
you'll make it, you are already succeeding.

© Author: Shoshan


Don't give up—ever.

You were not born to give up on your dreams, or on yourself. You were born to succeed and be amazing. So don't lose faith in yourself, keep moving forward, and know that even when it feels like you've hit a wall, there are always other ways around it.

A little bit of light can shine through even the darkest times if you just keep believing in yourself and working toward your goals. And although sometimes it seems like things will never get better, know that they will—you're already succeeding!

Sometimes it's hard to keep going.

When life gives you lemons, you're tempted to give up and make lemonade. But when life gives you lemons, it's not time for a break—it's time for some hard work!

You have to keep going, because giving up is not an option. You were not born to give up. You were born for greatness and for success, so don't let anything stop you from becoming the person you were meant to be.

If things seem bleak and hopeless, don't lose faith in yourself or in your abilities. Just keep believing in yourself and your dreams; they are already coming true!


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