From a mother to a son with a heart of gold and a spirit of adventure - Quote in pics  

From a mother to a son with a heart of gold and a spirit of adventure


"My dear son, you have a heart of gold, a spirit of adventure, and a mind full of endless possibilities. I am excited to see where life takes you and the amazing things you will achieve along the way." - Shoshan

My dear son, your heart is made of gold,
A spirit of adventure, always ready to be bold,
Your mind is full of endless possibilities,
I am excited to see where life takes you with such abilities.

I know you have dreams and goals to achieve,
And though the journey may be hard to believe,
You have the strength and the determination,
To overcome obstacles and reach your destination.

You are an extraordinary human being,
Full of love, compassion, and understanding,
Always willing to help others with ease,
Making the world a better place indeed.

I am thrilled to see all the amazing things you will do,
The future is bright with endless possibilities for you,
I cannot wait to see how you will grow and succeed,
Along the path of life that you will lead.

Remember, my dear son, that I love you so,
And I will be there for you wherever you go,
Follow your heart and pursue your dreams,
For great things await you, it seems.

Your heart is pure and your spirit is strong,
And with those qualities, you can never go wrong,
So go forth and conquer the world with all your might,
For I know you will achieve great things in your sight.

© Shoshan

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