Kindness is like snow –It beautifies everything it covers. – Kahlil Gibran - Quote in pics  

Kindness is like snow –It beautifies everything it covers. – Kahlil Gibran


Kindness is like snow –It beautifies everything it covers. – Kahlil Gibran

Kindness, like snow, falls gently from above
and blankets all with beauty, peace, and love
it softens every edge and hides all strife
a gift from nature, pure and full of life.

Like snowflakes unique, kindness has a charm
it melts the frozen heart and cools the warm
it covers all the pain and heals the hurt
a refuge for the weary and the curt.

As snow adorns the earth in crystal white
kindness clothes the soul in shining light
it sparkles in the eyes and warms the heart
a glow that never fades, a work of art.

It never asks for much, just spreads its wings
and with its gentle touch, it does great things
it turns the bleak to bright and bitter sweet
a force that can't be measured or compete.

For kindness, like the snow, is pure and free
it falls on all without a fee or plea
it covers all in need, without a claim
a miracle of love, without a name.

And so, let kindness fall like snow above
a blessing to the world, a symbol of love
let's be the ones who scatter it around
a beacon of hope, on which all can be found.

© Shoshan

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