It takes strength and courage to be a consistently kind person - Quote in pics  

It takes strength and courage to be a consistently kind person


It takes extreme strength and courage to be a consistently kind person in a world that rewards selfishness. Make sure to thank people who demonstrate kindness. They are choosing the hard, selfless route in order to make the world a better place for everyone. /u/AdSnoo9734

In a world that praises selfishness,
kindness can seem like a weakness.
But those who consistently show it,
are the ones with courage and grit.

It takes strength to be selfless,
and care for others despite the stress.
To choose the hard road every time,
is a feat that is truly sublime.

For kindness is not just a word,
it's a choice to be seen and heard.
To show compassion in a cruel world,
and make it a better place to unfurl.

To those who display kindness each day,
thank you for lighting the way.
Your actions speak louder than words,
and your goodness will not go unheard.

It's through your example that we see,
how to live our lives with generosity.
You inspire us to be better people,
to spread love and kindness like a ripple.

So let's take a moment to show our gratitude,
for those who embody kindness as their attitude.
For their strength and their bravery,
and their unwavering decency.

© Shoshan

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