James 1:5 - If you are in need of wisdom, ask God for it - Quote in pics  

James 1:5 - If you are in need of wisdom, ask God for it


If you are in need of wisdom, ask God for it, and he will give it to you, for God gives generously to all without looking down on anyone. James 1:5 (The Bible)

In this life, we all need wisdom and advice,
to navigate the challenges that arise.
No one has all the answers, that's for sure,
but in the Lord, we can always find a cure.

As James once said, "If any of you lacks wisdom,
let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him."
this promise holds true for all who believe,
and trust in the Lord, who will never deceive.

We can seek counsel from those around us,
but the wisdom of the Lord is the most just.
His ways are higher than our own,
and His guidance will lead us home.

So let us come before Him with a humble heart,
and ask for wisdom that He will impart.
For He is the source of all knowledge and understanding,
and in His ways, we will find our footing.

Through trials and tribulations, we will grow,
and the wisdom of the Lord will begin to show.
We will learn to trust Him in every circumstance,
and His guidance will lead us to the promised land.

So let us not rely on our own understanding,
but seek the Lord's wisdom, never demanding.
For He will always provide, without hesitation,
and guide us to our final destination.

In the Lord, we will find all we need,
his wisdom and guidance, we will heed.
And though this life may be filled with strife,
we can trust in Him, who will give us new life.

© Shoshan


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