Love should not be begged, love is either given or not given - Quote in pics  

Love should not be begged, love is either given or not given


Don't beg for love, if you have to beg for it, it's not love.

Love should not be begged,
love is either given or not given,
there is no middle ground.

If it really is love
what comes into your life,
when you receive it
you won't feel the need to cry,
nor will you feel bad,
worse, or unhappy....

If you don't feel this way,
make up your mind
to be without him
and don't let him return to you.

© Shoshan


Don't beg for love,
either you get it or you don't...
but begging for it is unnatural,
it goes against the essence of love,
and as a consequence what you end up
getting is a mere substitute
that looks like it but isn't love.

If the love you have makes you feel insecure,
if it makes you feel bad about yourself,
if you feel like bursting into tears,
if it is not happiness that floods your soul
and you constantly fear losing that love...
then it is not love
and it does not deserve your pleas.

Don't cry for love,
love is given, or it is not given,
that simple.

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