Faith starts as a whisper, it becomes a melody - Quote in pics  

Faith starts as a whisper, it becomes a melody


"Faith is like a song; it may start as a whisper, but as we sing it with conviction, it becomes a beautiful melody that resonates in our hearts and souls." © Shoshan

Faith is also like a compass; it guides us on the right path and helps us find our ultimate destination.

A whisper of faith is all we need,
to plant a seed of hope and creed.
With each note, our conviction grows,
a beautiful melody in our hearts flows.

Through trials and tribulations, we sing,
and in our souls, joy and peace ring.
Faith is like a song, ever so sweet,
with each verse, our hearts it will beat.

So let us sing with passion and grace,
and let our faith guide us to a better place.
A song of love, of mercy, of light,
that shines so bright, in our darkest night.

Faith is like a diamond; it may start as a rough and unpolished stone, but with time and effort, it becomes a sparkling jewel of great value and beauty.

© Shoshan

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