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Silence speaks truths left unspoken


Silence speaks truths left unspoken

"Sometimes, what is not said is as important as what is said. Silence can be a response in itself, conveying deep and uncomfortable truths." © Shoshan

Sometimes, silence is the most eloquent response we can give. It speaks with the force of a thousand words and the clarity of a crystal. Do not underestimate its power, for it is often in silence where we find the deepest truth and the clearest answers.

In the stillness of a moment,
when words fall short and fail,
there lies a power so profound,
in silence's gentle veil.

For silence speaks a language,
that words could never touch,
it holds a truth so sacred,
and asks for nothing much.

And though it may seem empty,
or a void that can't be filled,
it's in the quiet spaces,
where our hearts can truly be stilled.

So let us not dismiss it,
this language without sound,
for in the gentle hush of silence,
the most profound truths are found.

© Shoshan

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