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Love Cannot Be Forced


"True love is like a river: it cannot be contained nor forced to flow in a direction it does not belong." © Shoshan

At times, we desperately yearn to be loved and cherished, seeking the glimmer of attention in the eyes of those we admire, yet it seems as if they do not see us, not even pausing to glance our way. In our eagerness to capture their attention and preserve the relationship, we may find ourselves performing emotional acrobatics and making sacrifices, only to discover that nothing seems to work. In these moments, we must remember that love cannot be forced or manipulated, for true connection springs from the heart and soul. It is essential to embrace our vulnerability and acknowledge that, although it is part of the human experience to crave being loved, it is also true that we cannot compel anyone to love us the way we love them. Instead of chasing elusive affection, let us focus on cultivating self-love, respect, and understanding, and open ourselves to the possibility that genuine, unbridled love may blossom when we least expect it, rooted in the authenticity of our beings and the sincere connection with another's soul.

In the mirror of your eyes, I sought,
my heart yearned to be loved and caught,
acrobatics I performed and fought,
but love, it cannot be forced or bought.

I learned that in my soul, there'll grow,
self-love, strong and genuine, I know,
vulnerability, I'll accept and show,
and destiny will guide where I go.

In solitude, I found my peace,
and my heart was filled with calm release,
love arrived, without force or lease,
rooted in my being, and soul's caprice.

© Shoshan

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"True love is like a river: it cannot be contained nor forced to flow in a direction it does not belong." © Shoshan

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