Please forgive me; the darkness of my wrongdoing has left me lost - Quote in pics  

Please forgive me; the darkness of my wrongdoing has left me lost


"Please forgive me. The darkness of my wrongdoing has left me lost, but the light of your forgiveness can guide me home." © Shoshan

I know I have let you down, but I ask for your mercy and your forgiveness.
I know I can't erase the past, but I can promise to be better in the present and the future. Please forgive me.

The darkness of my wrongdoing,
Has left me lost and all alone,
My heart is heavy with regret,
For the hurt that I have sown.

My mind is clouded with the weight,
Of all the mistakes that I have made,
But I know that your forgiveness,
Can guide me to a brighter day.

I ask you now to please forgive me,
For all the wrongs that I have done,
And let us find the path to healing,
Together, hand in hand as one.

Let the light of your love shine bright,
And lead me from the depths of night,
Let your forgiveness be my guide,
As I make my way back to the light.

With humility and remorse,
I come before you with an open heart,
Hoping that you can find it in you,
To give me a fresh new start.

The road I've traveled has been dark,
And my soul is weary from the pain,
But with your forgiveness, I know,
We can begin to heal again.

© Shoshan

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