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Love one another deeply, from the heart


Love one another deeply, from the heart

What God has always wanted from us is for us to get along with each other, to love one another and seek to do good for one another. Anything that creates separation and division is something completely different, and not what God wants for his creation.

Love one another deeply, from the heart
1 Peter 1_22, the Bible


God is good to us,
he wants the best for us,
and it hurts him to see
how we harm and criticize each other.

The gospel is not about judging others,
but about accepting and loving them.

God loves us all,
and sent his son for each one of us,
because he truly loves us
and accepts each one of us
just as we are.

He only asks us for love,
especially to love others,
to love our neighbor,
to love all those around us.

He does not ask for us to criticize,
to separate, or to divide...
but for us to be united in our hearts.

How much better the world would be
if we learned to love one another.

And it is not just God who would be happier,
for we ourselves would be happier too.

Love thy neighbor as thyself....
love one another dearly with a pure heart.

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