In honor of those who are no longer here, but never truly leave. Happy Day of the Dead. - Quote in pics  

In honor of those who are no longer here, but never truly leave. Happy Day of the Dead.

In honor of those who are no longer here, but never truly leave. Happy Day of the Dead.

On this #DayOfTheDead, also known as #DiaDeLosMuertos, #LaCatrina reminds us that love and memory live on forever. Make each #DayOfTheDeadGreeting a bridge between two worlds. Happy Day of the Dead!

Today, on this Day of the Dead, we gather to pay tribute to those who have left an indelible mark on our lives and who now reside on the other side of the veil. This is a day of tender remembrances, of love that never fades, and of connections that transcend both time and space. In every offering, we place a fragment of our being; in each lit candle, the light of an everlasting memory.

Their voices resonate in the wind that caresses our cheeks, and in the scent of the copal that purifies the air. In every marigold that adorns our altars, in every photograph, and in each dish of their favorite food, we feel the closeness of their spirit. Our hearts are their eternal home, and within them, distance narrows and love blossoms in unexpected ways. United in thought and soul, we celebrate this eternal cycle of life and death, which is more of a rebirth than a goodbye.

Laughter and tears intermingle on this day, recalling shared moments and spoken words. Though the pain of their absence may overwhelm our hearts, the joy of their memory propels us forward. In the tradition that unites us beyond this life, we find solace and a sense of community. The culture we inherit and the roots that sustain us are strengthened by the love and respect with which we honor our departed loved ones.

So, on this Day of the Dead, let our souls touch in a spiritual embrace that transcends all earthly boundaries. On each altar, we build a piece of heaven where love reigns supreme. And at the end of the day, we retire with the serenity of knowing that, though they may no longer be physically with us, their presence is a living force in our lives, today and always. Happy Day of the Dead!

In every offering, a memory.
With love, from this world to the next.
Flowers and candles in eternal remembrance.
Distance does not extinguish love.
United in thought and soul.
Celebrating the cycle of life.
Our hearts are their everlasting home.
Their voices echo in the wind.
Present in every prayer and every flower.
In laughter and tears, forever together.
Tradition that binds us beyond life.
On every altar, a piece of heaven.
Love knows no boundaries.
Honoring the roots that sustain us.
Happy Day of the Dead!

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