Be the light you need to come out of your own darkness - Quote in pics  

Be the light you need to come out of your own darkness


You are all you need to move forward, to fix things, to turn this bad situation around. I believe in you, and I trust you can do it.

Be the light you need
to come out of your own darkness.


You do not need
more than yourself.

Nothing is easy,
nothing is simple,
life is full of hardships,
full of odds against us,
and many times it seems
as if there was no possible way out,
that there is nobody by our side,
that there is nothing we can do,
that we are helpless in the face
of what we are confronted with.

But you can do it,
I trust you.

You are the light you need,
you are the answer
to so many of your own questions,
you are the solution
to all your problems.

I believe in you,
I know you can overcome it,
I know you and I know your worth,
and I have no doubt
that if you really try,
you will succeed.

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