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This year, I will shine brighter than ever


This year, I will shine brighter than ever

This year, stronger and happier ????????. #NewYear #NewYearsResolutions #2024Resolutions #2024 #celebrate
What New Year's resolutions have you set for yourself this year?
#HappyNewYear2024 #HappyNewYear

"This year, I will shine brighter than ever. With every challenge, I will rise gracefully and determinedly, and with every achievement, I will celebrate the wonderful woman that I am."
© Shoshan

Make this year count! ???? The resolutions that will change your life are here. Are you ready to shine? ✨

Must-Have New Year's Resolutions to Empower Your Year

Spoiler alert: at least 5 of these resolutions are about to be yours. Get ready to like and share the journey to your best self.

Conquer the world ????✨
Starting with total control of the remote and the home thermostat.

Travel more ????✈️????
Even if it's just through documentaries or books, every adventure counts!

Become a star chef ????‍????????????
Mastering the art of not even burning water.

Exercise more ????????️‍♂️????‍♀️
Taking the stairs when the elevator is too full.

Learn a new language ????????????
Maybe English or French, to immerse myself in the beauty and romance of other cultures.

Save money ????????????
Starting by not buying every product advertised after 11 p.m.

Be more punctual ⏰????‍♂️????
Arrive on time at least once to see everyone's surprised face.

Disconnect more ????????????
Turning off the phone at least once a week or until I start to feel withdrawal.

Make new friends ????????????
Even if they're characters from my favorite show.

Read my pet's mind ????????????
To truly understand what each look and meow or bark means.

Cultivate a hobby ????????????
It could be anything from collecting bottle caps to growing giant bonsai trees.

Be more grateful ????????????
Giving thanks for the little things, like the "snooze" button on my alarm.

Be more eco-friendly ????♻️????
Remembering to bring reusable bags to the supermarket... and then remembering to take them inside from the car.

Organize the closet ????????????
To finally confirm that I have too many clothes and yet nothing to wear.

Say "no" more often ????????‍♀️✋
Especially to invitations to events I don't want to attend and favors I don't want to do.

Stop comparing myself to Instagram and YouTube influencers ????????????
Accepting that their lives are as chaotic as mine, just with a better filter.

Accept myself as I am ????????????
Even on those days when I wake up feeling twice my size.

© Shoshan, 12/29/2023

Journey of Growth: Resolutions for a Purposeful Year

In the quiet dawn of this brand-new year,
I set forth with hope, shaking off the fear.
Resolutions not just cast in whimsy air,
But heartfelt goals with tender, loving care.

This year, I vow to nurture my own light,
To turn the wrongs into lessons that are right.
Each step, a story, each fall, a chance to rise,
Under the vast, ever-changing skies.

I'll weave patience into my every day,
Find strength in moments I feel led astray.
Embrace the laughter, the joy, the tears,
The love, the loss, and the conquering of fears.

I'll reach for books that expand my mind,
Seek wisdom in the spaces between lines.
Nourish my body, treasure my health,
For in well-being lies true wealth.

I'll tread gently upon this earth,
Honoring its beauty, recognizing its worth.
With kindness as my unwavering guide,
I'll make compassion my daily stride.

Relationships, like gardens, I'll tend,
Nurture the old, and welcome the new friend.
For in connections, we find and give support,
A harbor, a haven, a kind consort.

And to myself, I'll be true and kind,
Celebrate the marvels I'm set to find.
For in this year, as in the rest,
I'll aim to be, simply, my very best.

So with these resolutions, clear and sincere,
I step forward into this promising year.
A journey of miles beginning with a small,
But mighty step, ready to embrace it all.

© Shoshan

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