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A new year begins


A new year begins

May you start the new year free of last year's hardships, problems and annoyances. Happy new year! https://bit.ly/newyearquotes

A new year begins
in which I shall
leave behind all past hardships;
I am determined to live life
full of appreciation
for what God has given me.

I’ll live by my rules.
No one may embitter my life,
for I shall be strong and determined,
and nothing will disturb my home’s peace.

I dream of this new year
in which I shall sow love and friendship
in those who are deserving of it.
This year brings a new beginning,
I will keep looking forward,
not lacking either faith or hope.

A wise man once said:
“the wealth of a human being
is measured by the quantity and quality
of the friends he has”.
So, thank you for being part of my wealth!

Happy new year!

© Author Shoshan

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