I like you more than a like on Instagram and TikTok ❤️📱. - Quote in pics  

I like you more than a like on Instagram and TikTok ❤️📱.


I like you more than a like on Instagram and TikTok ❤️📱.

I like you more than a like on Instagram and TikTok ❤️📱.

You mean more to me than all the "likes" in the world.

I prefer you over a million "likes" on Instagram 💖✨.

Love Letter: Beyond the "Likes"

Dear love,

In this digital age, where "likes" and hearts flood our screens, I've found something infinitely more valuable, something that surpasses every click and swipe on my phone. That something is you.

Sometimes I wonder how to express what I feel, how to make you understand that you mean more to me than any popularity meter on social media. And the truth is, dear [Name], you are more to me than all the "likes" in the world.

With you, I've learned to cherish the small moments, those that can't be captured in a photo or accumulated in "shares". The laughter we share, your eyes lighting up when you talk about what you love, the sleepless nights chatting about everything and nothing. Those are the treasures I hold dear.

Your love is like a melody that resonates within the deepest part of my soul, a song that doesn't need speakers or applause to feel its impact. With every word, with every gesture, you teach me that what's real doesn't always require a stage, that true connection exists beyond screens.

I don't need tags or status updates to know what we are. In a world obsessed with external validation, our love is our secret haven, a place where the only thing that matters is what we feel for each other, away from the world's eyes.

So here I am, writing you this letter, not to give you a mere "like", but to tell you that I choose you, in every moment, beyond any double tap. You are my joy, my peace, my home.

With all my love,

Your love.

© Shoshan, 02/09/2024

Forget the "likes", you are my real like 💘👍.

Poem: Love Beyond the Clicks

In the vast sky of Instagram, you shine,
with every "like", my heart skips a beat,
yet in the depth of who you are, I find
that a mere click can never define you complete.

On the frenzy of TikTok, you dance,
short videos, laughter on repeat, moments you share,
but beyond filters and screens, I glimpse
your essence, needing no likes to be rare.

Social networks, seas of faces and voices,
where each heart is a wave in the digital sea,
but you, my precious treasure, are more than an avatar,
deeper than the ocean of superficial decree.

Likes come and go, fleeting in essence,
but ours is a constant, beyond the sands of time,
a connection not measured in followers or comments,
but in shared laughter and gazes that silently chime.

Instagram, TikTok, networks of a thousand hues,
stages of our modern life’s play,
yet what we have transcends the screens,
a genuine love, needing no validation to sway.

So here I am, writing you verses,
in this digital world, seeking eternity's light,
for you are my favorite poem,
a masterpiece that needs no "like" to be bright.

© Shoshan

You are more than a "like", you are my love 💕🔝.

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