Criticize me, but I am the way I am - Quote in pics  

Criticize me, but I am the way I am


I know there are things about me that are not to everyone's liking... but I try to be the best person I can, and if you don't like it, bad luck!


You may criticize me,
but I am the way I am.
If I cared about everything that is said about me,
would be depressed all day long.
And that would be a huge waste of time!

We are all different,
you and I certainly are.

What’s important is
to be happy being the way we are.


I'm not gonna waste time
trying to be whatever others expect of me.

I will be just the way I am,
I'll continue loving myself the way I am,
I love myself and accept myself.

I hope you understand me,
I hope you'll accept me,
I'd actually would like to please you,
and even like to make you happy...
but if not,
I'm sorry for you,
because I will remain
true to myself.

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