Merry Christmas, God bless your home! - Quote in pics  

Merry Christmas, God bless your home!


Merry Christmas, God bless your home!

Merry Christmas!
May God bless your home with peace, love and happiness.


Merry Christmas!
My best wishes to you in this special season.
That God may greatly bless you and your family.

That his spirit of peace may be present at home, that quarrels and discussions keep away in this highly conflictive time when we are easily overloaded by the stress of Christmas preparation, shopping, family gathering, and expenses.

That God's love for you may be sensed at home. That he who gave his only son can continue being able to find a way into your heart, telling you that he loves you, accepts you, and were worth dying for. In the same way, it is my wish that your house is full of love, respect, and kindness for each other. That you may always find good words, nice comments, and pleasing company.

That God may send your home lots of happiness, satisfaction, comfort and joy. That you may always find a reason to smile, a reason to be happy, a reason to see things in a good, positive perspective.

God bless your holidays!

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