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Image and poem for my dear little sis


Image and poem for my dear little sis

"My darling little sister, you are a ray of sunshine in a world that sometimes feels cloudy. Keep shining bright."

My darling little sister, you're a ray of sunshine bright
in a world that sometimes feels like endless cloudy night
your laughter and your smile bring joy to all around
and when you're near, true happiness is what we've found.

Really, my precious little sister, you are the light of my life
a beacon of hope in a world of uncertainty and strife
your smile brings warmth to my heart, your laughter pure joy
in your company, I feel like a little girl again, just like a toy.

You may be younger, but you are wise beyond your years
with a heart of gold that glows and shines, and dries my tears
you lift me up when I am down, and guide me through the storm
a guardian angel, a beacon of hope, my sister in every form.

You see the world with fresh eyes, and a heart that's pure and kind
your gentle spirit, your caring soul, forever on my mind
you remind me of the beauty in life, of the little things that matter
a sweet embrace, a gentle touch, like the soft patter of rain that flatters.

You inspire me to be a better person, to follow my dreams and soar
to never give up, to be brave and strong, and stand up for what I adore
you remind me of the importance of family, of the love that binds us all
of the strength that comes from within, and the courage to stand tall.

You are my little sister, but in so many ways, you are my guide
a ray of sunshine, a precious gem, in whom I can confide
you have a special place in my heart, a place that's all your own
a bond unbreakable, a love that's pure, forever more to be shown.

So my dear little sister, know that you are cherished and adored
a precious gift from above, a blessing to be explored
may your life be filled with love and laughter, and your heart be forever light
for you are my little sister, and you make everything just right.

© Shoshan

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