Brooms? That's so last century! #ModernWitch - Quote in pics  

Brooms? That's so last century! #ModernWitch


Brooms? That's so last century! #ModernWitch

Brooms? That's so last century! #ModernWitch

Witches 2.0 in action! In the midst of a technological boom, modern witches aren't falling behind. As the stars twinkle in the night sky, this 21st-century sorceress majestically rises on her trusty roomba. Brooms may have their vintage charm, but why sweep when you can fly and clean simultaneously? Traditions are meant to evolve, and this witch has decided it's time to upgrade her mode of transportation. So, watch out world! The witches of the future are here, merging magic and modernity to make this Halloween night absolutely unforgettable. Hop on your roomba and join the magical revolution!

In a corner, my old broom lies,
A symbol of a past that's left behind.
Now my modern, daring soul shines bright,
Embracing the times that lie ahead.

And the adapted poem:

In a corner, my old broom lays still,
Symbol of days that are long gone.
Now my soul, modern and filled with thrill,
Welcomes the dawn of a new dawn.

The rustic broom, made of straw and wood,
From nights spent soaring through the sky.
But now, in this tech-witching mood,
I seek a flight that's oh so high.

On a Roomba, with twinkling lights,
I fly the night, fearless and bright.
Leaving traditions of ancient nights,
I embrace the future with all my might.

No more stray straws falling away,
Or wooden creaks against the wind.
With technology's gift, in this day,
I fly high, on a modern wing's bend.

Witch of the new millennium, I declare,
With magical gadgets, and spirit so true.
Tradition and future in a balanced affair,
I am a sorceress of a world anew.

© Shoshan

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