Walk with confidence, but leave no trail of destruction. - Quote in pics  

Walk with confidence, but leave no trail of destruction.


Walk with confidence, but leave no trail of destruction.
Smile to illuminate, not to blind.
Live with passion, but without setting the world ablaze.
Love with an open heart, but with a vigilant mind.
© Shoshan


In a world full of extremes, finding balance is an art. Take the example of walking through life with determination. Yes, it's important to stride confidently towards our goals, but it's also crucial not to leave a trail of destruction in our wake. In the quest for success, we often forget the importance of maintaining balance, of being considerate to both others and ourselves.

The same goes for how we express ourselves emotionally. A genuine smile can be a beacon of hope for someone going through a tough time. But if that smile is too forced or intense, it could end up making people uncomfortable or pushing them away. Living with passion doesn't mean burning everything around us in an uncontrolled blaze. And finally, loving with an open heart doesn't mean we have to neglect our own well-being. In summary, the key to a fulfilling and meaningful life lies in balance; in knowing when to push forward and when to hold back, when to open up and when to shield ourselves.

walk through life, yet not in haste,
with confident steps, no tracks laid to waste.
A pause, a breath, and then I go,
balance within me, my comforting glow.

I smile at the world, but do not blind,
a lighthouse at night, yet no shade I find.
My smile's a bridge, not a wall,
a tie that binds, rather than a sudden call.

I live with passion, yet not to extremes,
the fire in my soul is more than it seems.
With each spark, I aim not to scorch,
once again, balance I search and implore.

I love deeply, yet always aware,
open-hearted, but also take care.
For to truly love is not to lose me,
it's to find us both, without any decree.

© Shoshan

To the one navigating the complexities of life, facing the lure of extremes and yearning to find the middle ground. May your steps be confident, but considerate; may your smile be genuine, but respectful; may your passion be fiery, but tempered; and may your love be deep, yet mindful. May you find the balance that shapes a truly fulfilling and meaningful life.

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