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I'm not a robot!


I'm not a robot!

So lately I've noticed that I am in this weird situation that I find myself trying to prove I'm not a robot. What a time to live in!!!

We live in a time
when we have to
prove to robots
that we’re not robots!


Time flies, I never imagined myself trying to prove every day that I'm not a robot.

Tell me if you're a robot, I want to know...
The future is this crazy.
Are you a robot? No? Are you sure?
I suspect you... you are surely a robot.
Can you prove you're not?
A robot is a robot, and I'm not easily fooled.


Image with thought about how life goes on, the future, robotics, scripts, programming, the direction of humanity...

OK, maybe it's not that profound of a thought, butt...
Or is it?
Are you absolutely sure you're not a robot?

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