Let go of the mistaken assumption that it could have been any different - Quote in pics  

Let go of the mistaken assumption that it could have been any different


Sometimes we cling too much to the "what if..." and we don't realize that in reality, everything would probably have ended up the same way.

Let go of the mistaken assumption
that it could have been any different


I made a mistake,
I was with the wrong person,
I said the wrong thing,
I did not do what I wanted to do,
I gave him another chance,
I did not do what I should have done,
I should have reacted differently,
maybe I could have yelled,
maybe I could have made a different decision,
maybe if I had just done something....

And so, the mind is filled
with misconceptions,
false illusions,
false alternatives,
false possibilities of what happened,
what could have happened
and what could be happening today,
tomorrow and in the future.

Maybe we should assume
that even though there are things
we could have done differently,
we are the way we are,
and most likely nothing would have been different,
everything would have remained the same,
and that it is fortunate that everything is over now,
and everything is as it is...
at least we know
that this is the reality.

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